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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Free Dental Check-up Camp Organised by iSmile (Gurgoan) for KHD

iSmile (Gurgaon) organized a thorough dental check-up camp and oral hygiene instructions and oral health awareness at KHD,

Humboldt Wedag India Pvt. Ltd.

Delhi, India
Humboldt Wedag India Pvt. Ltd.
Mehtab House, A – 36
Mohan Co-op, Mathura Road
New Delhi – 110044, India

On 10th of February 2011. iSmile team of dentists had seen about 60 employees of KHD and had done complete oral check-up, including the oral cancer screening. Team had found more of the employees were happy and enthusiastic about knowing the various dental and oral hygiene products and methods. Lot of them appreciated the effort of our dental team to guide them through oral hygiene habits and almost everybody promised to maintain excellent oral hygiene with twice brushing and flossing. Various dental treatments and procedures were explained to individual employees to make them aware of oral health and its implementation. Young employees were advised on the importance of undergoing required wisdom tooth surgery and were motivated to fearlessly go for it. Some of the employees were advised and requested to stay away from the non-healthy habits that may cause or lead to oral cancers and have given the instructions for maintaining the reversible damage to oral mucosa. iSmile team had observed that the oral hygiene for all employees was up to the mark, but there were some common dental problems that needs intervention, and were advised further treatments. Mostly common dental problems were present like Dental Decay, Missing teeth, sensitive teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, stains and calculus, etc
Our team was happy to motivate the oral health and hygiene through out the KHD, and hope that all the employees will follow it through their hearts.
Look for the pictures for the camp will post soon.
Keep smiling............


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