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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dental Charity India, Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR

Dental Charity India is a charitable foundation established with the aim of providing
dental education, dental awareness and dental treatments to all.(iSmile Project)

We all try to avoid dental problems unless they are severe & responding. The reasons may vary from not getting time to get appointments in govt. hospitals, or the over expensive dental treatments in private clinics & hospitals. We at Dental Charity India Truly believe that there should be no delay of any reasons for the required dental care. As we all know for medicine its been known for decades "Prevention Is Better Than Cure". So is for dentistry, does not the tooth filling done in time prevents the further damage and the requirement for Root canal treatment & capping. In dentistry "prevention is not only always better than cure, but is cheaper also"

With motivating dental awareness, providing dental education & treatments we aim for eradicating or at least delaying the dental problems of society.

Our Mission is to Get A Dental Patient Without complaint of Pain at dental office.

Our Vision is to see India Free from dental Pain.

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  1. I’m a single mom and I have 2 kids who both needed dental braces. I make just enough to not qualify Medicaid services so I can’t get free dental and medical services for the kids. I had to pay over $4800 so that my child can have braces and a beautiful smile. . .She was very scared and timid at school. I couldn’t find anyone in Los Angeles who would do the braces at a normal price so I had to launch find it with free services like (HealthSouk- the dental discount plan or discounted dentistry) and (800 dentist) The first one was free and the second apparently charges the dentist but not me.healthsouk
    - Jenny Thomas

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